Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Future

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My haiku don't usually obey the 5/7/5 syllable rule but today I conform


Praising a new dawn?
Or mourning the death of life?
They are in our hands.


(A Fantasy)

Jews and Arabs, like all of us, are brothers under the skin,
So why on earth is Jerusalem in the awful state it's in?
I'm an Agnostic, I don't care who owns the 'holy' city,
But, certainly, all this wrangling is very far from pretty!
I have a little fantasy that I could put things right
And the future of the Middle East could again be shiny bright!
I don't look like a Terrorist; I'm elderly and grey,
I'm a female Anglo-Saxon and I don't even pray!
What if I went as a tourist, so innocent-looking, me!
But I went intent on blowing-up every monument I could see.
What if I could wreak destruction on a truly massive scale
And then escape on the next plane not leaving any trail?
What would they have to fight about? They'd have to co-exist
As they cleared-up the rubble, using hand instead of fist!
And, in time, the lovely grass would grow, as depicted up above,
And Arab and Jew would settle down in a City of Brotherly Love!
Of course, it's just a fantasy. Instead, my friends, I fear
The wrangling will go on and on year after year after year!
I'll never see it settled. I'm much to old for that,
But I'm a cross old Granny saying
'What are you playing at?'


Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful. Very well done my friend. What a wonderful and powerful haiku. And the solution...great :)

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

Rinkley ... you can say that again! I too have been pondering Jerusalem ... but from a different perspective, ha!

Dave King said...

Two posts: the sublime and the ridiculous. Much to chew over there!