Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memetic Fever

Another new meme to torment us.......deliciously!


A meme is something one catches,
Like some dreadful alien bug!
It's something one simply can't dismiss
With a casual little shrug.
Its effect is quite immediate....
"Start writing right away!
Comtortionate and twist your mind
Deciding what to say!
Refer to various experts,
On the topic that's been suggested
And try to regurgitate poetry
From all that's been digested."
Sometimes there's serendipity;
And idea will light a spark
And illuminate my faithful muse
(Who's been working in the dark.)
At other times the mind is blank,
The muse rolls over, dead.
At times like that I say 'What the hell!'
And just go back to bed.

Eternity is easier to comprehend
The figure represents a Life.
The footprints are human,
We know where we have been.
They are
Our Photographs,
Our diaries,
Our treasured letters,
Our memories.
The way ahead
Stretches on,
But for how long?
Is that a brick wall way ahead
Or is the Fairy Story actually possible?
Whichever is true
We are walking towards
The Great Change.
And, just to remind us,
The Endless Ocean is on our left;
The Universe,
The Stars,
The Riddles,
The Enormity.
If we were swept up into it
No-one would notice!
Certainly not the Universe itself!
Continue on your walk



Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful! I truly enjoyed it! Thanks for submitting to 5WF!

Anonymous said...

I love your submission for 5WF mine is heavy yours is nice and fun. The second poem is simply stunning, gives me such a sense of serenity

Anonymous said...

Both writes are way too cool - though I did love the sort of meditative pull of the second!