Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mental Gymnastics

Book cover of Advanced Rails



The fact that this cover intrigued me
Is no doubt just due to my age.
A younger observer might 'get' it
And pounce with delight on each page.
I saw a pictorial zebra
Allied with a curious title.
And, to me, just the slightest connection
On a cover is clearly quite vital.
'A Zebra and Railways?' I pondered,
'I'll look into this a bit more.'
(I admit that the cover's successful....
I was wondering what was in store.)
And the subject, I find, is Computing!
No zebras, no railways, no plot!
For some this may all be quite obvious.
To little old me, it is not!



I crossed the park beneath the trees;
I saw her sitting at her ease.
.....But no! Her books were spread around
Beside her, open on the ground!
A student had found refuge there
In the blessed open air,
Under the arching blissful shade,
As though in a leafy country glade.
The traffic, faded to a hum,
Was just a pandemonium
That she ignored, as perching birds
Accompanied the foreign words,
Equations, algorithms, Greek,
Or whatever language she sought to speak.
Her study, a place of calm and ease,
There in the park beneath the trees.


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