Thursday, June 23, 2011


supplied the theme


A pillow is deceptive;
It looks soft and receptive,
But I've never met a pillow without flaws.
Though each one  looks delicious
I am always quite suspicious
And that, my friends, is not without a cause.
I have tried-out any number
On my way to peaceful slumber,
And each one has been too chilly or too hot.
They have posed all soft and plumpy
But, without fail, they've been lumpy,
And I've simply never found the perfect spot.
I have pummelled and palpated;
I have twisted and gyrated,
I have turned the pillow over several times.
I have had my left ear crumpled
And the bedclothes have been rumpled,
And I've counted many taunting midnight chimes.
A pillow in its wrapping
Makes one think of peaceful napping;
It looks bountiful and virginal and white,
But in use it's far from feathery;
It is often almost leathery
And its downiness is far from a delight.
Yes, pillow advertising
Relies on fantasising;
We think of perfect pillows on our beds.
We think they're white and calming,
But they're really quite alarming!
Wayward pillows just play havoc with our heads.



Among the tones of paler trees
Glow flaring features such as these.
The Flame Trees punctuate the scene,
Proving that nature is more than green.
Becoming one with the summer air,
Preening, with their russet hair.
Adding fuel to the fire
Of temperatures set to climb higher.
Their time will pass; they cannot last.
But oh what a blessed shade they cast!


Margaret Gosden said...

You can depend on real Down - it is the best!

Steve Isaak said...

Solid chat versifying.

Cynthia M said...

Love it...I couldn't agree more !!

Anonymous said...

Love this ... can certainly relate completely ... I would love a cold pillow though ... deceptive rascals ... I am preparing for my battle with one shortly!!