Wednesday, June 15, 2011



The gentler things of life appeal;
The web of silken thread,
The tracery of winter branches
Moving overhead.
The lisp of waves upon the sand,
When the air is mild;
The murmured breathing in the night
Of a little sleeping child.
I prefer the touch of a soothing hand
To a grip that's firm and strong;
And a mother's whispered lullaby 
Means more than a strident song.
Let us go gently through our days
Amid the noise  and strife,
For sanity and peace live here,
In the gentler things of life.



Not for us the glories of cold-climate Autumn!
Fallen leaves, scorched by summer's relentless heat,
Lie as brown paper, torn and discarded.


Ramesh Sood said...

Indeed a very beautiful and gentle poem this!!! Loved it.. Do you like to see what a wild imagination can vreate.. do visit my page.. it will be encouraging..for me..

Jae Rose said...

Soft is good..I liked how it contrasted with the feel of the second piece..wise words as ever..Jae

Cgull said...

Good one Rinkly. Cheers.

Altonian said...

What a lovely, nostalgic poem. It has to be nostalgic because there is not much gentleness to be found generally, in this modern world.

Angel said...

That was really beautiful.

Unknown said...

The gentler things... you lulled , comforted, encouraged, reassured with this one!

Maude Lynn said...

"The Gentler Things of Life" soothed my soul. Lovely write!

Sheilagh Lee said...

both of these are truly lovely

Unknown said...

I love the 'gentler things of life'.To walk on sand, to hike , to be free from worldly clutters.
thank you for reminding us.

Unknown said...

gentle is good! I really enjoyed reading this gentle poem.

Kwee Cats and Art said...

How beautiful. It makes me nostalgic for times I remember, and for some I never knew. Thank you.

Altonian said...

Hello again. Please check my blog, I've left something for you there.

anitamombanita said...

Gentle and peaceful! Very calming. Thanks

Anonymous said...

What a restful piece of prose!

jen said...

So beautiful. I love the image of waves lisping--I may think of that a few times today. Thanks for sharing.
New follower from Alphabe-Thursday.

Judie said...

I have had a rather stressful day, and I needed the calm and peacefulness of your words. Thank you soooo much!!

Unknown said...

Loved your gentle poem...... Like everybody before me...... very soothing.

Cheryl D. said...

I try to be calm and gentle. It doesn't always work though!

Esther Joy said...

Not only loved your "gentle" poem, but also your apt description of autumn.

Jenny said...

I've been feeling a bit frazzled today. Your poem felt like a soothing hug.

I read it through several times.

Your way with words is so grandly eloquent and poignant.

Thanks for a great link for this weeks letter "G".