Monday, June 20, 2011

The Mesh



A painterly view seems to add to the scene,
When it's daubed by the mesh of the window screen.
And the weight of the jumps on the trampoline
Are caught in time and clearly seen.
Shadows make grey of the grass's green.
(Banjo, however, is not too keen.)




Right time! Right place! Co-incidental?
Hardly a shot that was accidental!
A lot of thought went into this pose!
Turning a flower into clothes!
The tulip had to bend just so;
The dancer had to tippy-toe!
She then had to stand as still as rock
While the clever photographer then took stock,
Looked through the view-finder, making sure
That he'd get what he was looking for.
But the result is full of charm;
The tilt of chin, the bend of arm;
The artistry that we always find
When grace and nature are combined.
A trick? No doubt! But it's sublime,
That dancing pose at tulip time.

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