Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Badge of Courage

Julie Storry

She could have put the kettle on to have a cup of tea;
She could have slumped in her armchair watching vacuous TV.
She could have written to her daughter bemoaning her lonely state;
She could have wept some hopeless tears for her very long-gone mate.
She could have napped for several hours, lying on her bed.
She could even have whispered to herself 'I wish that I were dead.'
But no, she put on her red hat, and went out in the winter air,
Saying 'Whatever the future holds I simply do not care'.
A badge of courage takes many forms, I am certain of that,
And there's nothing more courageous than a cheerful bright red hat.


Everyone is born with some special talent,
Even if it isn't always plain to see!
Some have a talent for major self-deception.
That may, of course, include the likes of me!
We've seen and heard them all on TV programs;
The warblers gaily singing out of tune,
The dancers with the two left feet, galumphing,
The crooners who just don't know how to croon.
I kid myself I'm talented at verses!
I'm thrilled when I see stuff of mine in print,
But I know 'real poets' wonder why I bother;
'Doggerel isn't poetry' they hint.
Is it better to imagine one's a winner,
Against the better judgment of the crowd?
To strut around, puffed up with thoughts of grandeur,
When there isn't any reason to be proud?
Or should one be all hesitant and humble,
Keeping one's 'talents' underneath a stone,
Should I be shy about my little verses,
Secretly scribbling when I'm all alone?
Just think of all the talents that lie wasting!
The books that never see the light of day!
Just because authors feel they must be modest
And hide the 'next great masterpiece' away!
No! Better to flaunt, and face 'outrageous fortune',
The snide remarks and pursed lips of the many,
Be brave and put your little talents 'out there',
(Unless, of course, it's true you haven't any!)

It was a dreary day when we drove down to Avoca recently to visit old friends but the meal and company were heart-warming. For some reason our hostess wanted us photographed underneath the royal couple! Her sister had sent her the tea-towel!

John (we were celebrating his 80th birthday), Fran, Sue, me, Bob, Alf and Nola.
Malcolm was there too but he took the photo.

Rather bedraggled and dispirited rosellas came and peered in the window.


Julie said...

Oo I like it very much, Brenda. Now she has two characters that she may inhabit, as she makes her way through her world. You have imbued her with moral courage and resilience, which we badly need more of.

I shall include a link to your work on my post tomorrow, if that is okay with you.


Christine Gail said...

Red Hats are a great way to get attention. Love this picture!


annies home said...

love the red hat would grab lots of attention for sure the book you mentioned I read in highschool the first time and I still love it

Jilly said...

I love the poem illustrating Julie's photo. Isn't it fascinating how two people can interpret a photo in a different way. I see her as rather a canny character but perhaps that's because I read Julie's words. What you have written about the courage of older people tho is absolutely beautiful. Bravo.