Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gisborne 1952

Fleet of UFOs Allegedly Landed in Chicoana, Argentina
A different and more recent UFO

We are asked to use
'omen, luminous, erratic'


Was it an omen, way back then,
A message to we mortal men?
It happened in 1952
And people swear that it was true
That a UFO was seen on high
In the clear New Zealand sky.
It happened at Gisborne, a minor place,
And it disappeared without a trace,
But, even so, very many declare
That a UFO was certainly there.
They describe it as being a luminous blue,
With a very erratic movement too.
They even mention 'angel hair'
Which hung from the craft up in the air.
Now that was sixty years ago!
You'd think, by now, someone would know
The reason for the visitation,
And extraterrestrial examination!
If 'they' took notes why didn't 'they' act?
A wasted journey, that's a fact.
I often look up at the sky, you know,
With the hope of seeing a UFO,
But nary a one has come my way;
I'm unvisited to this day!
But I wish I'd been there, yes I do,
In Gisborne in 1952.



If the climate keeps on changing and the waters rise and rise,
Strange new architecture will form before our eyes!
For, if cities keep on growing, as humanity explodes,
How will we ever cope with all the vehicles and roads?
We can't take all the farm-land, we need that for our food;
And if we spread and spread and spread, isn't that rather crude?
A Frenchman has invented an ecopolis, seen here,
In which humanity can float, not on the land, but near.


Sheilagh Lee said...

wow fascinating pieces these two. I love how you wrote about a spaceship and a liypad that humanity could float on it. wonderfully interesting and refreshing pieces

Jess PJ said...

that lily pad architecture is both cool looking and a bit weird.
Grisband 1952 - very well written

Other Mary said...

You're words are always clever and always a pleasure!

gsb3 said...

Great rhyme and rhythm. And interesting stories as well. Nice job.

Amity said...

Now I am back reading the the is inspiring really!

And the added bonus is educational too!

Thanks so much Rinkly Rhymes!

Thanks for finding me too at wordpress! said...

Great use of prompt words and fascinating about the ecopolis!

I've seen two unexplained 'things' since I've lived here... UFOs? don't know. (but I was sober both times!)

Grandma's Goulash said...

Wish I'd been at Gisborne too. I'd love to see a UFO. Or better yet, neabducted by aliens. What a way to go!

Thanks for your visit. I'm awaiting your first computer program.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. It is truly interesting. Makes you wonder. Thanks. My 3WW:

Mike Patrick said...

Your poet’s heart beats true. Wonderful control of rhyme and rhythm, and you bring it with interesting stories. So very well done.

andy sewina said...

Phew, I wish that I could see a UFO!
Love the way you brought this to life!!

Anonymous said...

I have always been interested in supernatural phenomenon and UFOs, this is indeed intriguing!