Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sneaking In




You ask us to send Summer shots,
But for 'us' it is Winter right now.
So I'm sneaking-in to the project
(And that's something you might not allow!)
Well, here's my 'Australian Winter',
I photographed this yesterday.
You'll see that the pup has a jacket
In case chilly winds blow his way.
Now the jacket is pink; my good fortune....
Pink Saturday's on the horizon.
A chance of a doubling-up on my memes
Is something that I've got my eyes on.
'Two for One' is a slogan I've heard
But here's 'One for Two', even better.
And if any Meme Lady is outraged at this
I won't even read your rude letter!

The toes are twitching, that I see;
The jaws are hard at work.
But the rest of the body is quite relaxed,
Not even the slightest jerk!
This is relaxation
To the enth degree.
I think I'll try this position
Next time I'm eating my tea!

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