Sunday, June 19, 2011

In the Stone

suggests 'In the Stone'.



It once was a thing of beauty.
It spread wide its golden wings
As it traversed the ancient palms
And hovered
Over the heads of dinosaurs.
Then came rain.
The deluge beat it to the ground
And stamped on it.
It could no longer fly.
Leaves covered it,
Mud engulfed it,
Time obliterated it.
Mud turned to stone.
The butterfly was locked away inside
For ever.
Aeons later came the little hammer.
The stone was cracked.
The butterfly is beautiful once more.



What a lovely word is 'Crick!'
One almost hears the neck-bones click!
'I've a crick in my neck!' we often say,
Hoping that it will go away!
Here's a cartoon by Gerald Gee,
Who always saw  things differently.
His sense of humour  was unique,
All his characters seemed to speak!
This chap's in a trap of his own making!
No wonder that his neck is aching!
This Wide Screen is far too wide!
He's quite all right from side to side,
But top to bottom's touch and go!
He'll get a crick from bending low.
His expression says it all!
Clearly he's very much too tall!
I miss your humour, Gerald Gee.
It meant a very great deal to me.


Christine said...

Love finding unique rocks with an ancient past embroidered on it, and as for the crick, I suffer daily with that sort of neck tick. :)

Judie said...

I have a small collection of rocks and fossils. It really is exciting to fine something so beautiful within a stone! Excellent take on the prompt!!

Oh, and I used to get a crick in my neck trying to see the screen before my eye surgery!

cj Schlottman said...

Lovely poem! Your words are exact and so very visual, and the fossil, well, it's awesome!


Susan Anderson said...

Never thought of a fossil for this prompt. Nice take!


Unknown said...

Fossil .... perfect, perfect! It was as unexpected as cracking open the stone for the discovery!!

Jo said...

fossils are just so amazing ... it is amazing that we get unexpected gifts of history!

Jenny said...

Jo's description of fossils is perfect.

And so where both poems!

I love how your mind works...and what a fun direction to take this prompt!

Do you these poems come out of your brain intact? They flow so beautifully I visualize you scrambling for a piece of paper and hurrying to catch the cascade of words as they waterfall out.


Tgoette said...

Brilliant take on the prompt! Excellent job!

Nonna said...

Excellent job and so unique, creative and enjoyable. You are so talented !

BTW, I love the moth fossil picture that you added too !