Friday, June 17, 2011


suggests 'the ocean'


Pride, they say, comes before a fall
And a shadow proved that true.
Here am I, looking very small,
Photographing a view.
See me in the centre,
That pathetic little dot?
I thought I was important.
This shadow proves I'm not!



(An Acrostic)

Such awful concepts now exist!
Useless death is on the list.
It's caused by the older generation.....
Children dying! Abomination!
Innocent children, manipulated
Duped and brain-washed, decimated!
Every day it seems we hear
Beastly stories from far and near,
Of teenagers caught up in the madness;
Mothers sending them off with gladness!
Bombs attached to sweet young flesh
Beirut! Baghdad, Bangladesh!
Ruthless adults making wars!
Surely there can be no just cause.


from my wicked ways to turning a phrase said...

nicely done. love original poetry

Unknown said...

'Pride' tells a tale we all know and often fail to admit. Great reaction to the prompt. I am ever amazed by your creative ways.

Maggie said...

Two brilliant and thought provoking writes.

Mary said...

How very true about our sense of importance! A few politicians should read that poem. LOL.

Ella said...

Well Done; so much thought arrives when reading both of these~