Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Stumble Dance

asks us to write about a terrible dancer!


Life is a stumble-dance;
We sort of lurch through life.
Toes stepped on are everywhere
And jerky timing's rife.
Others seem to pirouette
And jitterbug with ease
But I must say, dear reader,
I am not one of these.
On the dance-floor I'm disaster,
My left thinks it's my right;
My balance is ridiculous
And I look a perfect sight.
That's why the cartoon up above
Makes me feel all warm inside.
It tells us how to face the world
When we want to run and hide.



Sorry to disappoint you, dearie,
But this one's going to be quite dreary!
Summer foliage, dead and brown
Seen on a roof-top in Sydney Town!
Think of Australia.... think of sun!
But Winter comes when Autumn's done!
Dark clouds gather, the cold wind blows!
This isn't the sunshine that we chose!
While other nations are gamboling,
Singing merry songs of Spring,
Making garlands of pretty flowers,
This is the outlook that is ours!
And does anybody give a toss
That while you win we cope with loss?
We float down here in the Southern seas!
Who cares  if we darned well freeze?
Will you give us a single thought
As you get a tan on the tennis court?
No! We're discarded and alone
As you lick the umpteenth ice-cream cone!
But there's one thing you should remember!
We'll be laughing come September!


Anonymous said...

what fun word play.

Anonymous said...

How are you?
Inviting you to join poetry potluck week 41 tomorrow,
Any poems are welcome…
Always, your talent is sunshine to us.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Congratulations! You've won Limerick of the Week. Great job! Limerick of the Week 15.

jabblog said...

I loved both of these. Topsy-turvy seasons are always interesting. I can never imagine being cold when I'm hot, or wet when I'm dry or vice versa, which is why I so often get caught out by the weather.

La said...

I did think of you as I was eating an ice cream cone and reading your wonderful poetry. You have my sympathies because I am a winter hater.

By the way, I have two left feet and they both think they are right.

I am having a fun giveaway on Tuesday. I hope you will stop by and enter.

Have a great week! La