Friday, June 24, 2011

Winter Weather

                                 Press Photograph


The winter weather's looking grim
Yet still the hardy swimmers swim!
The waves are frothy, wild and high
Under a grey and heavy sky.
The coal-ships labour way off-shore,
Awaiting storms that are in store.
The gulls beat wings against the weather......
And hardy swimmers swim together.



This is supposed to be funny, and I think I can raise a smile,
But it touches on a fact I find so grim.
The child, the man, the empty space, the sameness of it all
Except that it no longer features him.
How dare the world keep spinning, how dare the stars still shine
When he's not in the future's here-and-now!
How can Halley's Comet pay a visit yet again,
When he's not there to turn to it and bow?
Unimaginable, the fact
That we do a disappearing act!