Monday, June 20, 2011


suggest the subject......void.


We cannot avoid the void.
There is more of it
Than anything else.
It is all around us,
We, who are not of the void,
Are imaginery.
Look at this hand,
Tapping the keys.
The hand will wither,
The keys will destruct,
But the void will go on unheeding.
We will step off into it
One day,
Maybe soon.
We cannot avoid the void.



Throughout the ages men have yearned to fly just like the birds.
The dream seemed something way beyond their ken.
They'd imagine how a man would feel if floating in the sky
And some of them would try it now and then.
But it had to end in failure and they thought it always would
For materials had such enormous weight.
Engines assisted flying but it wasn't quite the same,
And being earth-bound seemed to be their fate.
But now light-weight materials have transformed human flight
And human birds skim over land and sea.
If I were young would I be brave and try to fly myself
Or would I be chained by my timidity?
It doesn't really matter for imagination soars;
I watch the young men fly and know the feeling.
I may be trapped by gravity right down here on the floor,
But my spirit flies with them up to the ceiling!


Jingle said...

true words.
lovely delivery.

planetcyberluz said...

Love the void. So true and cleverly done.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Such a beautiful picture..makes me want to jump into the void myself... unavoidable as it is.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the ground physically, soaring in the sky mentally lol I am terrified of heights! I love in the first poem you say we are the imagery that's stunning

Anonymous said...

awesome talent :)