Tuesday, June 7, 2011




The ultracrepidarian! How he gets on our nerves!
I'd love to know the purpose that such a person serves!
He always knows the answer to hifalutin' queries;
He talks as though he understands the most erudite of theories.
It's obvious, when he starts to speak, that his knowledge is miniscule;
He tries to look so clever but he always looks a fool.
He butts in on discussions to set everybody right,
Because he thinks he knows it all, and proves he isn't bright.
He likes to use long words although the context may be wrong,
And all his explanations are very, very long.
'Ultracrepidarian' is a word he likes to choose,
Because he thinks it isn't one that duller folk would use.
Oh dear! Now I have used it! So maybe I am one!
An ultracrepidarian!
Never mind! I'm having fun!



Not the sun after a shower, but sun and clouds immersed
In the waters of a placid lake, so everything's reversed.
Instead of looking upward, by tilting back my head
I just gazed at the ripples to see the sky instead.
The effect is almost dimpled; almost normal, but not quite,
And the sun is gleaming through the clouds with a vaguely dappled light.
Skywatch? No! It's Waterwatch! I've liquified the sky!
I've saved myself a neck-ache and still watched the clouds go by!



What a lovely day I had yesterday! I've neglected the Walkers' Group for some time, and yesterday was an excellent day to choose to return. Eight of us walked along the river to Throsby Creek, strode on the wooden path through the mangroves, and ended up drinking coffee and eating cake in Carrington. The group doesn't function in the hot months. The day was a perfect winter's day, sunny but with an exhilarating breeze.



Peggy said...

Fun to read your rhymes and get a look into your days. Looks like a great day for a walk.

Roger Owen Green said...

great poem
hope i'm not a know-it-all
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, my gosh! Whodathunk we two peeps would come up with that same odd word? Your poem is great -

Wanda said...

Wonderful rhymes. Love the first picture... I know a couple of those guys...but try to stay as far away as possible. HaHa

photowannabe said...

Bravo for your U word rhyme. I am sorry to say that I have met a few of the critical windbags your poem talks about. You my dear are not one of them.

Shady Gardener said...

You are clever and this was a great post! (Your photos were wonderful, too!) :-)

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm afraid I know at least one ultracrepidarian creature. Ultra-annoying. No, you're not one, you're too much fun.
Love the watery sun, and it looks like you had a wonderful walk.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Maryhocam said...

I love your poem the Ulracrepidarian. I think we all know at least one!