Monday, June 6, 2011

The Terrible Valloon!

(A Poem for Children)

'I come from Outer Space!' cried the Terrible Valloon,
'To visit all the Vegetables on earth.
You're the strangest things I've seen,
In your purple and your green!
As I view you now I'm giggling with mirth.'

'On my planet we're all round' cried the Terrible Valloon,
And you are such a muddle and a mess!
Some are fat and some are thin!
What an awful state you're in!
I've never seen the likes, that I confess!'

'I'm going to put you right!' cried the Terrible Valloon,
'You'll all obey my orders from now on.
None of you can escape!
I shall whip you into shape
Until all your lumpy bumpy bits have gone!'

'On my planet in the sky' cried the Terrible Valloon
'Every vegetable that ever has been found
Is created just like me
And, as you can plainly see,
I look perfect, big and colourful and round!'

'Now line up left to right' cried the Terrible Valloon,
'Which one of you will get a remake first?'
But little Lenny Leek
Normally so mild and meek,
Took a pin and  BANG! The nasty creature burst!

Making my way gingerly,
Camera in my hand,
Wondering how to place my feet,
Wobbling as I stand.....
I can't resist the limpid green,
The spume, and sunlight flashing,
While near at hand the great waves roar,
As the ocean comes in, crashing!


Gemma Wiseman said...

O what a haughty valloon! And love the name! A fun poem! Also a sweet venture into water worlds!

Short Poems said...

What a fun, love it!
Children Poems

Jingle said...

wow, perfect, big, colorful and round.

what a profound

well played on children's verse.

oceanwavesinblue said...

your imagination is divine.
keep it up.