Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sands of Time

This week we are asked to use the title of an ABBA song
'Slipping Through My Fingers'


The sands of time are slipping through my fingers.
The grains are blowing in the wind each day;
They hover in the air but one small instant
And then, forever, they are blown away.
Some cling to me as sweet or bitter memories,
While others disappear for evermore,
Destined to be part of some great sandscape
On some far distant universal shore.
I clench my fingers tightly; I must stop them,
Retain them, keep them, never let them go,
But fingers weaken with the passing ages,
And, sorrowfully, I must watch them blow.
In youth, I let them scatter willy-nilly;
Their progress into nothingness unheeded;
But now each grain is dancing and delightful,
And oh so very definitely needed.
One day my hands will empty and fall lifeless;
By then I know that I won't even care;
And all my grains of sand will reach the cosmos
And drift around eternally up there.
Till then, each grain is precious as a diamond,
To be fondled and admired for just a while,
I know that it will leave me in an instant,
But, while I can, I'll treasure it and smile.



I do look rather trivial (the little person's me!)
Clutching, with great passion, Ned Kelly's enormous knee!
He's a sort of folk-hero (really he was a rogue),
But now he is an icon, Kelly items are in vogue.
He wore this heavy helmet to evade the bullets flying
But he ended on the gallows, ignominiously dying.
'Such is life' were his final words as he finally said goodbye.
Ned Kelly's been dead many years, but the legend will never die.


Monica Manning said...

Such a beautiful piece, Brenda. A good reminder that we should never take time for granted, nor the memories we make.

Whitesnake said...

I loved it!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

the words speak itself.

Peggy said...

I like your muse on the passage of time. Indeed every grain is valuable. Ned K caught my interest and I will have to look him up as I am not familiar with the name.

Kodjo Deynoo said...

The sand of time...I felt this one..and love it too

Brian Miller said...

it is sad we only learn that about those sands so much later in life...

Unknown said...

I love the piece on memories... I can relate to it so well since I have a hard time remembering a lot of things!

Amanda Moore said...

Beautiful words... we should all treasure our time !

Andy McDonald said...

I like the metaphor of time as sand. I wonder how many grains fall through in our lifetime and how many we truly hold onto and value.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous tribute to sand!
I spend at least a week each year on the shore, so sand is a gift and a blessing to me. Most people dislike those lovely grains. I adore them.I am glad you and I are of like mind!

vivinfrance said...

Two good'uns, Rinkly.

Elizabeth Young said...

Best poem I read this week. Full to the brim of truthfulness and vivid analogy. AWESOME!!!

ayala said...

If only we could appreciate those sands when we were young,how great that would be!

JL Dodge said...

Man Brenda you sure do write some beautiful poems ! This one is marvie !!

Kavita said...

*siighhhhh* I just fell in love with Sands of Time, Brenda... the idea of those sands drifting in the cosmos... oh my... that really had me!!
Cherish it while it lasts... so beautifully said in your poem, my friend...

Anonymous said...


Have a nice weekend, Boonie

Mike Patrick said...

Always remember the grains of sand you leave behind. They are called poems. While fleeting, they will outlive our mortal bodies.