Monday, June 13, 2011

Polly Poodle's Plate

supplied the illustration

(A Poem for Little Children)

Polly Poodle saw a dish
As full of food as she could wish
And the dish said, clearly, for all to see,
The magic letters D.O.G.

Tilly Tortoise said 'Me too!
I want a dish of food like you!'
But Polly said 'Take it from me;
Tortoise doesn't start with D'

Rory Robin said 'Tweet Tweet!'
I want some tasty food to eat!'
But Polly said 'Take it from me;
Robin doesn't start with D'

The food was tasty, nice and hot,
And Polly Poodle ate the lot!


We came inside because the sky was grey
And drops of rain were falling on the ground.
We had a cup of tea in a cafe
And then we simply strolled and looked around.
But, suddenly, we lifted up our eyes
And saw the sky was once more shining through.
The web of window was a great surprise
And its capture of a spread of brilliant blue.


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I enjoyed them both!

izzy said...

Fun! thanks for visiting-