Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Pink Dressing-gown



Underneath that old pink gown,
She's wearing her best scanties;
Little whisps of silk and lace,
The briefest bra and panties!
'Just relax while I mix my paints'
Mr Vallotton has said,
So she's donned the old pink dressing-gown
That was thrown across her bed.
She's got herself a cup of tea;
(The day is rather chilly
Not the sort of weather
For anything brief and frilly.)
And while she's sitting waiting,
She's imagining her pose;
Very sleek and sinuous
In hardly any clothes.
She pictures how she'll 'sit' for him,
Maybe draped across a chair.
Her shoulders should be delectable;
Voluptuous and bare.
She'll think of something sexy;
That should do the trick!
She'll probably get goose-pimples
If the artist isn't quick!

'Hurry up' she calls to the artist;
'Waiting here is not much fun!'
'Relax!' calls Mr Vallotton
'The painting's already done!'



'Take our photos, Grandma! We're in our soccer gear!'
Two little voices at the front door rang out loud and clear!

'Try to look normal, Harry! That smile's rather strange!
Do something different with your face! Try to rearrange!'

'Is that what 'normal' looks like! I don't think much of that!
Try something a bit happy... but not like a Cheshire cat!'

' Maybe our funny faces are better after all!
O.K. We're on our way now to kick a soccer ball!'


monah said...

Love your site and your sense of humor.

Please visit my garden.


mike ansell said...

What lovely photos of your boys,and they obviously look so happy to be visiting you !
They certainly look super cool in their new soccer shirts. Did they know that black and white were the colours of Newcastle United in England ?

LV said...

Those two precious little boys made for an outstanding show today.

Anonymous said...

What precious little men!!!