Friday, June 10, 2011

In Praise of Stress


'Fond, tranquility, alter'


I'm not too fond of tranquility;
I like a little stress;
Feeling slightly hounded
Is part of happiness.
I like the thought of deadlines;
They keep me on the go;
Without them I waste too much time
And the pace of life is slow.
A day without a project
Seems a wasted day to me;
I drift around in an aimless way
Sensing monotony.
Of course I want moderation;
I don't require full-on;
I don't need utter exhaustion
When a busy day has gone.
Just keep on giving me ideas
To buzz round in my head
And I'll feel perfectly happy
When I settle down in bed.
Feeling stress is living,
Feeling stress is having fun.
Of course my ideas may alter
Next year, when I'm eighty-one..



A fellow blogger, viewed today,
And heeded in my usual way,
Has asked us for 'unusual trees';
I'm hoping that this one may please.
'Shoe-trees' were common in days gone by,
But now rarely used. I wonder why.


Altonian said...

Two absolute beauties! I too like a bit of challenge each day, and at 78 I still feel I can cope.
Yeah! Shoe trees - whatever happened to shoe-trees?

Anonymous said...

Haha this very cute are you really going to be 81? I wish I handled stress better I am 30 but I live like I am 100 lol

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I'm with you, as a little stress always makes me feel quite alive.

Unknown said...

Finding the right balance in all things :)

Alice Audrey said...

I know what you mean. Stress comes with the things that make you feel valuable - like when someone is waiting for you to finish working on something they need , whether it's a prom dress for a daughter or the budget for the boss. It means you're needed.

Jess PJ said...

Gotta have some type of motivation to get things done.

Shoe trees are awesome!

Both well written.

gsb3 said...

This is a clever poem and well written. Good job.

Sheilagh Lee said...

Two truly clever poems. I loved these.

wena said...

beautiful poem -- stress (in moderation) keeps us on toes and our blood warm :)

thanks for sharing, I had fun reading them!