Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gold Mine!


Just supposing your Great Aunt Agatha,
A lady of extensive means,
Left you in her inheritance
A pile of old magazines!
I supposing you thought her a skinflint,
And didn't vote many thanks,
Because all the other relations
Had money to put in their banks.
And supposing you leafed through your bounty
And found a copy of this......
You'd look up to the Heavens
And blow old Auntie a kiss!
'The Yellow Kid' only flourished,
(And take note of the date),
From 1897
To 1898!
A copy is now worth thousands,
Maybe millions for all I know!
"Many thanks, Aunt Agatha,
From your nephew here below!"


A song is but a little thing, And yet what joy it is to sing!
To organise each vocal chord and spread the wondrous sound abroad!
Who cares if sounds are less than pure,and hard for listeners to endure;
If a weak and squeaky note just sort of dribbles from your throat;
If twiddly bits just sink and waver, not doing anyone a favour;
If listeners are seen to scowl and call your efforts just a howl;
If every musical refrain makes neighbours act as though in pain;
If passers by are seen to cower when you are singing in the shower?
Well, I care! Since you are a flop!
Take my advice my friend and


Martha Z said...

Your rhymes bring a smile and brighten my morning.
Who would have thought a five cent investment could have such value 100+ years later?

Kim, USA said...

Oh my how I wish somebody would give me a treasure like that too ^_^ Happy Monday!

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Kim, USA said...

Very fortunate nephew. Wish somebody would leave me a treasure like that too ^_^ Happy Monday!

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Kay L. Davies said...

I have a collection of what I hope will be collectors' items some day, and I can leave them to my grandnephew.
I had to laugh at your second poem, Brenda, because it describes my singing perfectly. I tell everyone I go to church because it's the only place I can sing without being thrown out! (I sit in the front row so I'm not squeaking off-key into anyone's ear.)
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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