Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Driving Lesson

supplied the illustration


When I was learning to drive I went out on the road with Tom;
I'd scarcely learned to work-out which was 'To' and which was 'From'.
We came up to this road-sign which was simply painted white
And I began to panic.... was it 'Left' or was it 'Right'.
Tom yelled , in a terrified voice, 'You idiot! It's a Reverse!
So, of course, I obeyed him and reversed into a hearse!



Maybe a muted yellow, but a very vibrant view,
Merewether waterfront and a sky and sea of blue.
A solitary reader enjoys the morning sun;
Very soon it will be too hot, but the day has just begun.
The pillars may have faded, but their usefulness won't fade
As, later in the day, they give that very welcome shade.


Bubba said...

"- reversed into a hearse!" Love it! Well done, Brenda!

Evelyn said...

ha! I agree with Alder, thats a great line

Kathe W. said...

oh reversed into a hearse...YOWCH!
My learning to drive days weren't
quite that exciting but close to it!