Wednesday, June 22, 2011


'gag, maintain, omit'


The Middle East is in the throes
Of toppling all the dominoes.
Some have gone and some are going,
Some reject the overthrowing.
Some potentates maintain their power
Though looking shakier by the hour.
Some put a gag on cyberspace
And subjects call that a disgrace.
Some leaders say that they'll allow
Greater fredom, but don't say how.
They omit the details, leaving out
Important things that are in doubt.
How will it end? In smiles or tears?
Things are changing after a thousand years.


I'm not presenting prizes for the answer to this quiz!
Everybody understands exactly where it is.
But do you know the reason for the kangaroo's creation?
Do you understand why he belongs to just one nation?
Australia was in Gondwanaland, in prehistoric days,
And then the continents drifted, going their separate ways.
India and Africa drifted to different places,
Giving rise to peoples of completely different races.
Australia, as we call it, stayed in splendid isolation,
Giving rise to creatures of a quite unique creation.
Surrounded by the ocean, there was never any mixture;
Marsupials and such became accepted as a fixture.
We share some creatures with others; that is completely true;
In South America you will find that there are quite a few.
But the kangaroo is just unique; that's why he's a special star.
And he's living in a country that is equally bizarre!


Jae Rose said...

Your second piece made me :) It is strange to think that certain animals only frequent certain shores. How did that funny little critter come to be..jae

Pat Hatt said...

Great rhymes on each one
To read was such fun
It is funny how the kangaroo
And others are only in Australia too
But as you say it's cut off from the rest
I'm sure the kangaroo think it's the best

Sheilagh Lee said...

Love both of these the first for it's truth the second for the way it made me smile.

Laurie Kolp said...

Your poetry is always such a joy to read... = )

Unknown said...

Things are changing... or are they? Your first piece uses the 3WW prompt both profoundly and poetically. Nice one.

earlybird said...

Great use of prompt and love 'Dominoes' too. Your rhymes always delight and often surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Your political poem packed quite a punch - and yes, it has been a thousand years. I wish the US would butt out and let the people, who are finally finding their collective voice, determine their own destiny.

The second, on one of my all-time fave animals, the kangaroo, was cute as a bug's ear, as my mom used to say. Such contrast, all in one post! Great. Amy

Margaret Gosden said...

Dominoes - if the US didn't butt in, or anyone else for that matter, it would take thousands of years longer
for people to get free. I feel I have seen almost 80 years of change for the better everywhere but, at great loss, to those who were and are willing and able to help others resist the tyranny that still prevails.

Anonymous said...

Love the rhythm of your Poem. Yes , there is finally change, but the puppeteers are not as well meaning as many think. Freedom and the betterment of others has often times been the guise under which much evil has been brewed...

Anonymous said...

Australia really is a strange place and I admit I am nervous about visiting since so much of the wildlife seems deadly lol The first piece a very smart political write. Good job!

joanne said...

Your rhyme was fabulous, humorous and 'factual'...loved it