Friday, June 1, 2012


We are asked to discuss our own face


I have an average sort of face,
Not beautiful, not bad.
My problem is that I'm Mum inside
While looking like my Dad!
Throughout the years, I've hated
The mask I've had to wear;
My face and personality
Didn't match! That was unfair!
In the mirror was my Father,
Same sort of face, same eyes;
I felt just like my Mother
But wearing a disguise.
I grew up thinking like Mother
With her mannerisms too,
But I wore the face of my Father!
What was a girl to do?
Of course, away from the family,
My face just belonged to me,
But throughout my life I have felt trapped......
Mismatched face and identity.
Now, as I'm growing older,
A glimpse of Mother's appearing;
Something about my ageing face
Is positively cheering!
I've still a Dad's eyes, which were very small,
I still display his clan,
But among my wrinkles my Mother lurks;
Explain that if you can!
I'll never really enjoy my face,
That you can deduce,
But my poor old face and its owner
Have signed a sort of truce!


'Mr Peculiar! You're a square!
Part of you just isn't there!

'It's a rectangle if you please;
It always happens when I sneeze!
And how can you see it? You've got no eyes!'

'You're very quick with your replies!
My eyes are on the other side.
Both of them are open wide.
I like to be a bit informal,
But, unlike you I am quite normal.'

'Mr Odd! Don't be so rude!
You'll put me in a nasty mood.

Hey! Look at that person looking at us!
If I looked like that I'd make a fuss.'


Hannah said...

I love what you've done here, Rinkly, and I imagine this struggle is one that so many face. Absolutely a feeling of being trapped. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I also look very much like my mum, and after a recent visit with her I'm astonished how similar we are.

barbara said...

A bit different. I see old photos of my mother, and think they are me.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I really like your face poem. Sometimes the features you favor change as you age. My brother always looked like my mother when he was young, now he looks like my dad.

Wayne Pitchko said...

faced very well indeed...nicely written and thanks for sharing your words

neil reid said...

Faces, oh my, what they do and don't tell of us, or at least we have those expectations don't we huh? I like your version here. And yea, good to come to a truce! :)