Sunday, June 17, 2012

In a Flash

asks us to use the phrase in blue.


Has it really been a decade since I was seventy-one!
It's true! Time passes quickly when one is having fun!
Everybody thinks that ageing is like a dread disease,
But I've found it's a pleasant time of self-indulgent ease.
I couldn't stand being a teenager, with all that angst and pain;
Nor do I want my Middle Ages back in my life again.
I know that there are people who suffer in old age;
So I realise I'm lucky to be healthy at this stage.
I'm not too keen on ninety-one that I must admit,
But, maybe, when I get there, I won't mind one little bit.

On a more sombre note.

 Steph and Mark.
Mark is driving.

I can't seem to work this camera. Something's stuck.
Leave it till we get home.
I'm not stopping the car to fix it.
It's sort of jammed.
I want to check that last photo.
It can wait can't it.
Damn! It's raining again.
I thought the baby was the image of Bill.
Didn't you?
Bill who?
Ted's Uncle...
About the eyes I thought.
The little chap's a Wilson.
If I could just get this photo up I could show you.
He's just like Bill Pincham.
Don't knock my arm!
The road's slippery enough as it is!
Sorry! Didn't mean to.
If only you'd stop the car we could check.
I know I'm right.
Bill Pincham to a T.
Oh hell!
Give it here!
Slow down a bit,
And drive with one hand
Then you can show me the button.
Good God woman!
You've been taking photos all the time!
It's the button on the left!
What, this one.........?

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