Sunday, June 24, 2012


asks for a VERY short story

Mammy was a naughty girl;
She put herself about.
I was rather a nasty shock
When my tadpole self popped out!
Wherever you are
Claim me, Pa!
(140 characters)


For the girl who has everything, I display
Something that really will make her day!
A golden keyboard! Not dull old black!
A gift she certainly won't give back!
While the rest of us type dull, boring words,
Her fingers will fly like humming-birds.
And all her rings will flash and spark
As she is making her golden mark!
Her long blonde hair will sweep the keys
As she writes a novel with absolute ease!
A million copies will be sold
Because she's typed on keys of gold!
I will struggle with black and white;
Monochrome is what I'll write.
I'll be in the ditch, but she will fly
On golden wings in a golden sky!

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