Sunday, June 3, 2012

Idle Chatter

gave us the first line 
(which I had to look-up on Google!)


A woman was shooting the breeze,
Discussing the birds and the bees,
She gave quite a long talk
But she left out the stork!
What sort of Life Lessons are these?


I look up at the night sky
And view the planets.
I look inward at my brain
And view the planets.
The universe is encased
(So they say).
My brain is encased
( I am certain.)
Is my brain a universe?
Is the universe a brain?
In my brain
The little planets make contact;
I think, I speak, I do.
In the universe
The planets make contact ,
Or would if they could.
Far into the future
The planets may link,
As do the planets in my brain.
Then the universe brain
Will speak to itself,
As my brain does.
And it will wonder
'Am I part of a bigger brain
Outside myself?'

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