Thursday, June 14, 2012



we are asked to use the words in blue.


Hush! There is a murmur in the forest!
Stand still among the crisply browning leaves.
No, it is not a breeze that you are hearing,
It's the sound of a woodland Mother as she grieves.
Throughout the bounteous Spring she nursed her children;
She gave them sustenance and watched them grow;
The brightness of their greenery entranced her;
She watched them gently waving to and fro.
Then, in the summertime she held them,
Close to her heart as they reached for the sun;
In windy weather they would  dance around her;
So many and yet each a well-loved one.
The colder weather came, she felt such sadness;
The time of parting neared; she held her breath;
She knew each child would cling in desperation,
To be taken by the icy winds of Death.
So, one by one they left her, whirling downward
Until they sank, dejected, at her feet.
Stand still and listen when you're in the forest;
The cry of a Mother tree is bitter-sweet.


A young fellow wrote home to his Mum
'I stick out like a great big sore thumb!
While they're singing and dancing
And leaping and prancing
I stand very still and just hum!

Could that be a cauldron I'm viewing;
I wonder what they will be stewing.
I hope that it's veal!
That's my favourite meal.
Hey! Stop it boys! What are you doing?


Old Egg said...

Deprivation is a beautiful poem although I can see the tree shaking her head as you humanised her life cycle. Surely she is joyous that once again her yearly cycle is complete and that as she sheds her leaves her fruit is ready to leave home too to start life anew in some other place. So that the wind and the birds and the animals and insects all play their part to get her children to start life away from her.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I continue to be amazed at what you can do with words that rhyme. This is a hauntingly poignant piece.

Sheilagh Lee said...

I love the mother nature poem.
The cannibal one sure tells the story.