Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tiger! Tiger!

supplied the illustration


Tiger! Tiger! Burning bright,
Can you see this little light,
Lighting up the jungle way
Now it is no longer day?
With your clever feline eye
You can see much more than I.
Can you see the fishes leap
Where the water's cool and deep?
Can you see the rising mist
And the clouds all moonlight-kissed?
Can you see me, a human-being?
Am I one of the things you're seeing?
And what do you think as you sit and gaze?
We're so different in many ways.
Try as we may, we'll always find
We cannot read the other's mind.


A shadow on a whitewashed wall
Yet one that looks so real,
That to distingush it from the fronds
One would need to feel
The fleshiness of the real thing,
The hard stone of the fraud,
Each one moving in the breeze
Like a serrated sword.


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