Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Too Many

supplied the illustration


I saw her at the Village Fayre,
She was buxom, bright and bonny.
I knew at once she was 'the one',
And I thought 'Hey, nonny nonny!'
I followed her and her laughing friends,
Keeping close behind,
And I learned much more about her....
She was gentle, sweet and kind.
I heard them call her 'Miriam';
I longed to say her name,
But I was a lowly cowherd
And my cheeks flushed red with shame.
'I'll be looking for mushrooms this-evening'
I heard my sweetheart say;
'I've heard that all the sweetest ones
Are down in Meadow Grass Way'.
I scurried home to my humble shack
And took out my humble lute.
We'd meet this-evening in Meadow Grass Way
And I would press my suit.
I memorised my lyrics,
For I neither read nor write;
I prepared a song for Miriam;
It had to be just right.
I was sitting strumming,
And my heart was beating fast
As I waited for sweet Miriam.
And there she was at last!
But two of her friends were with her!
So everything went wrong.
For these were the words I had written
In my foolish little song....
'Oh Miriam! I love you!
Please won't you be my own!
I long to take you in my arms
And make you mine alone!'
'Play us a tune!' the three friends cried;
So I strummed a jig instead.
Then the girls went picking mushrooms
And I went home to bed.

Time spent with cats is never wasted.
 Sigmund Freud


Time spent with cats is never wasted.
So said the famous Sigmund Freud.
Though he made studies of the human mind
Obviously felines were enjoyed.
Maybe he found cats quite un-neurotic
And I must say I'm sure that I agree.
A cat goes its own way quite regardless
Of the wishes of the likes of you and me.
A dog's in a constant state of tension;
'Does the Master approve of me or not?'
While a cat gives a look of condescension
To show that it doesn't care one jot.
Oh, it purrs if it thinks it's advantageous;
It will sit on your lap if you insist;
It will blink at you slowly to engage you;
But a cat is an individualist.
It doesn't waste its time on 'Do they like me?'
Or lose any sleep about our views;
If we made our lives uncomplicated
Maybe we wouldn't suffer from the blues!

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