Friday, June 8, 2012

Pink Tights

My distant relation, Matilda.



Pink tights has little Matilda;
She wears them every day.
She wears them to the corner store
And when she goes out to play.
She wears them to all the parties,
She wears them when watching TV;
She also wears them to the park
Where she shouts out 'Look at me!'
She goes on the swings with her brothers,
Who're terribly big and strong.
And she sticks her legs out in front of her
As she sings a swinging song.
She sings 'I'm a little flamingo!
My tights are a pretty pink!
My legs are the prettiest in the world!
At least, that's what I think!'


Melanie-Ann sat drawing, intent on the work in hand.
And, from the look on her little face, she had something special planned.
She was only four years old, but she had to get things right;
She bit her lip, screwed-up her nose and held her pencil tight.
'What are you drawing, Melanie-Ann?' her Mother soon enquired;
Seeing her daughter scribbling as though she were one inspired.
'I'm drawing God' said Melanie-Ann, who was not in the mood to chat.
'But you don't know what God looks like! No-one on earth knows that!'
Mother responded, laughing; ' How can you possibly draw
A picture of a Being that no-one ever saw?'
' Would you like to know what God looks like?' responded Melanie-Ann;
'Of course I would' said Mother, 'But I know I never can!'
'I'm nearly done' said her daughter; ' Not too long to go! 
When I show you my picture of God you'll say 'Ah! Now I know!'



Kay L. Davies said...

I love these, Brenda, especially the second one.
I hope you are well.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Both are delightful!