Thursday, June 7, 2012


NSW South Coast: Brenda Bryant



I've booked two seats beside the sea
And one's for you and one's for me.
Your hand will be within easy reach,
And there wont be a soul upon the beach!
I'll bring pillows! You'll bring wine!
The sun is almost sure to shine.
Cast care aside and let us be
Perfectly happy beside the sea.


My motives have always bedevilled me;
Introspection has made me aware
That at all times I give out of self-love,
Not because I, unselfishly, care.
A little black toad is in residence
Up there in my self-conscious brain;
It says 'Wow! You are great being generous!'
And I try to damp-down that refrain.
want to be noble and selfless;
want to put other folk first;
want to be loving and giving
But it seems that desiring is cursed.
For in wanting I'm still saying 'Me first!;
I need to feel good for my sake;
I want to feel all warm and fuzzy!'
In other words, I am a fake.

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Maude Lynn said...

I can totally relate to Motive!