Sunday, June 17, 2012

Self Deception

gives us the first limerick line


A man who was never in doubt
Was still, undeniably, stout.
When they said 'Look at him!
He'd look much better slim!'
He replied ' Who're they talking about?'


That marvelous organ, the human eye,
Which we so often use,
Gives us the right to see what we wish,
And even to pick and choose.
Do you choose to see the diners
As they sit around the table?
If you choose to concentrate on them
You'll find that you are able.
But should you choose to see the view
Of the area in the sun,
The grass, the trees, the chairs, the sky,
That's also easily done.
But seeing the two at the same time,
The inside and the out,
Is not such an easy activity,
Of that there is no doubt.
You can switch from one to the other,
With a miniscule little flick.
Your common-or-garden, everyday eye
Can peform a miraculous trick.

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