Sunday, June 17, 2012


The Wordle

asks us to use all the words in the wordle


Oh how I hate the music of the current generation!
The racket makes my temper rise and causes consternation.
I loved to trace the sweet refrains, the softly throbbing strings,
The blending of the syrupy notes, the sentiment that clings......
Remembered from the heady days when I worshipped Matt Munroe,
And Frank Sinatra and his ilk made me tingle head to toe.
How can they latch-on to the din that they call music now?
Anger rises in my chest and sweat be-dews my brow!
I'd like to strike the singers, yes, crack them on the head,
Or draft them into the army! I really do see red.
I cannot spare one moment of my very precious time
Listening to 'music' that the young think so sublime.

(An Imaginary Situation!)

Ah, but he was a hard man, my father!
When he drank,
Which was often,
We all cowered,
Waiting for his turning of the key.
The candles would gutter
As he threw open the door
And confronted us.
In slurred speech he would berate us,
Mock us,
Belittle us,
Threatening us with worse to come.
But it was my mother who suffered most.
Many times
I saw her beaten,
Heard her cry out,
Saw her sobbing in the aftermath.
I was the eldest boy.
I should have protected her,
Championed her,
Looked my father in the eye
And dared him to continue.
But, no!
I snivelled,
I hid in corners,
Covered my eyes.......
One of his was false,
But it could intimidate,
And quell
As well as any human eye.
When he died, in a drunken brawl,
He left us penniless,
And on the street.
I asked for his glass eye.
People wondered why I wanted it.
I used it as paper-weight
When I was studying.
Even now that I am a successful man,
It looks at me.
But I can look right back

1 comment:

Winifred said...

Well I was never a Sinatra fan Brenda! I loved Matt Monro, Nat King Cole & Andy Williams. However I was more of a pop fan, Beatles, Cliff, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Beach Boys & Tamla Motown.

Have to admit I do like some of the new stuff but I'm going back & playing my old favourites more & more.