Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Small Tragedy

asks us to use the words build/destroy and rare/common.


A common wren decided to build a little nest.
He knew it would be perfect and a cut above the rest.
He furnished it with pretty sticks and bits of this and that,
And in his little partner hopped and comfortably sat.
She laid a clutch of shiny eggs and both birds were delighted.
But, alas, some visitors were due that hadn't been invited!
Two rare snakes came calling; they were looking for a meal.
Birds' eggs, they considered, were utterly ideal.
The little wrens were helpless; they completely lost the plot.
They sat on a branch, just crying, and saw the snakes destroy the lot!


I've never had Red Carpet Treatment, nor, I guess, have you.
In fact, I think a taste of it is very overdue!
No-one has clapped and cheered me as I've stepped from a limousine.
No-one has ever gasped 'That's the prettiest dress I've seen!'
I've never nodded winsomely at all the cheering hoards
Who recognise I'm special from the way I tread the boards!
They say Red Carpet Treatment began in ancient days
And we have simply aped it with our more modern ways.
When a warrior reached prominence he walked a path of red
That represented blood and all his foes who now lay dead!
Then the railroads in America, with not a thought of blood,
Began to use red carpets when the platforms ran with mud,
Enabling the wealthy to step down from the train
And not be inconvenienced by the miserable terrain.
The colours red and purple simply reek of Royalty
But red is now predominant as we now clearly see.
Imagine a famous film-star having to walk on blue!
They'd throw a little tantrum! It certainly wouldn't do!


Mary said...

Very, very sad; that is the way of nature though. Some things we don't want to see.....but know they go on. Survival of the fastest and fittest.

Victoria said...

It's all about point of view, snake or wren, meal for one, tragedy for the other, starvation for one, new chicks for the other - the nature of nature. you catch it well.

rch said...

such is life, let us prey.

Lolamouse said...

Oh, the poor little birdies! (and boo, rch! if I had eggs, I'd throw them!)