Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blind as a Bat!



Didn't you notice my advice.......
'Always be careful on the ice'?
You may have crafty pointed claws
There on the end of your paddy-paws,
But their response is rather slow
When you are walking on freezing snow.
And, incidentally, your fur's not right!
Surely it's meant to be snowy white! 
If you want to let yourself go to pot,
A sheet of brilliant snow is not
The very best backdrop you could choose!
There! I have expressed my views!
Book cover of Advanced Rails


The fact that this cover intrigued me
Is no doubt just due to my age.
A younger observer might 'get' it
And pounce with delight on each page.
I saw a pictorial zebra
Allied with a curious title.
And, to me, just the slightest connection
On a cover is clearly quite vital.
'A Zebra and Railways?' I pondered,
'I'll look into this a bit more.'
(I admit that the cover's successful....
I was wondering what was in store.)
And the subject, I find, is Computing!
No zebras, no railways, no plot!
For some this may all be quite obvious.
To little old me, it is not!

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