Friday, June 1, 2012


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Agreed........'more things in heaven and earth',
That's what makes life fascinating.
So many things there in the wings, 
Just waiting, waiting, waiting.
Radio waves set me thinking;
In the dim, dead, benighted past
Radio waves existed
But they just swirled on past.
Nobody recognised them;
No-one knew they were there,
Although they were permeating
All that ancient air!
Unseen, unheard, unnoticed,
They were merely 'hanging about'
Until Mr Hertz discovered them
And gave his 'Eureka!' shout.
So think of the possibilities,
Think of the years to come!
We cannot even imagine;
We're still blind and dumb!
Anything at all is possible,
Mankind is on the rise.
Unless, of course, we deviate
And cause our own demise.
                                    Cicely Mary Barker

(A poem for small children)

Fairy Clover said to Bee
"Please save all that honey for me!
At breakfast time, when I have my toast,
I like the honey from clover most.
I don't like jam or marmalade;
Honey puts both of them in the shade.
Honey is golden, honey is sweet
Honey's a wonderful breakfast treat.

Work as hard as you are able
And then deliver it to my table."
Said Bee " I don't much care about you.
A bee has better things to do,
Than worry about your breakfast food!
I think you're being rather rude!
I slave away from morn till night
Getting my honey-collecting right
In order to feed my baby bees
At home in the nest high in the trees.
Your breakfast doesn't matter to me!"
And he buzzed away quite angrily!


Mary said...

So many possibilities existed for centuries but weren't recognized until 'their time.' One can only wonder how many more 'possibilities' will someday, even within our lifetimes, turn into reality! A thoughtful piece.

Unknown said...

I love the combined optimism and pragmatism in this piece, Eileen. Free of emotion, the poem seems particularly strong and honed. Terrific writing here.

Hannah said...

Good point in your first...kind of crazy how radio waves were so right there but yet we were ignorant of them...Yes, imagine the possibility yet to be, hopefully not demise.

I really enjoy your second and even though it seems a sweet rhyme I feel for the bees they are seriously mistreated for as much as we value their "gold."

Great writing!!

Here's mine if you like: