Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reflected Glory


REFLECTED GLORY                             

When the sun's rays choose to pass
Through a barrier of glass
Shadows, patterns, shapes appear
Making the sun seem much more near.
Sometimes things that are man-made
Add to the charm of sun and shade.



Just supposing your Great Aunt Agatha,
A lady of extensive means,
Left you in her inheritance
A pile of old magazines!
I supposing you thought her a skinflint,
And didn't vote many thanks,
Because all the other relations
Had money to put in their banks.
And supposing you leafed through your bounty
And found a copy of this......
You'd look up to the Heavens
And blow old Auntie a kiss!
'The Yellow Kid' only flourished,
(And take note of the date),
From 1897
To 1898!
A copy is now worth thousands,
Maybe millions for all I know!
"Many thanks, Aunt Agatha,
From your nephew here below!"
A group of us went down to Sydney yesterday to see the musical version of 'An Officer and a Gentleman'. The newspaper reports had not been encouraging but, maybe because of that, we were all pleasantly surprised with the show, and rather sorry that it is not to have a longer run.

The 'military' dance numbers were excellent.


Margaret Gosden said...

It looks stately, yet also set among ordinary looking houses? A great vantage point to capture some beautiful seascape, I wonder....whatever, it makes a very nice b/w photo for the meme!

Annemor said...


Dragonstar said...

That must have been quite a glow!

HansHB said...

A great composition. A good photo for Weekend in B&W!

Gemma Wiseman said...

The sun seems to use glass as a wonderful palette for art! Love the magazine tale! Don't we wish! Often "rave" reviews can deter me from seeing a show! I'm usually curious when the reviews are pale though not scathing!