Monday, June 18, 2012


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Fire the friend and fire the foe.
Destroying and redeeming.
See how the tapering fingers grow,
Crackling, leaping, gleaming.
Not of the air or of the earth,
A mysterious living wonder;
Liquefying, giving birth,
Like lightning and like thunder.
We warm our hands at the flame
And give thanks for the gift of heat;
We know we have you to blame
For the ashes of our defeat.
Chameleon, enemy and friend;
Always thus, through history.
At the beginning, at the end;
Fire...........a mystery.


I'm standing here in my swimmers, ready for a dip
And the ocean's waiting, cool and bright and blue.
For a moment I am standing here, readying myself
And, incidentally, taking-in the view.
Now! A deep breath! I stride towards
The doors that are swinging wide,
Over the tables, over the rail
To splash on the other side.
Picture it, ladies and gentlemen!
How athletically I flew!
Sadly, I make an admission.....
Not one word of it is true!
The sea is quite a way away
(Note the strip of green).
And.... me in my swimmers! Don't make me laugh!
That's a sight not to be seen.
What is real is the location,
A hotel by the sea,
Where we often go for lunch,
And where the view is free.

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