Wednesday, June 6, 2012




Just as though my glorious locks
Can't get you off the starting blocks......
Just as though my lips so red
Can't wheedle you into my bed..........
Just as though my doe-eyed gaze
Can't make the flame of passion blaze.........
Just as though my bangled arms
Can't urge you to explore my charms.........
I have to hold up a blood red heart
Before you'll even make a start!
I'm so fed-up I think I will
Stop this silly over-kill!

The art of Kobyashi Kaichi

What is it about these pictures
That proves so satisfying?
How can they make an impact
Without ever really trying?
It's the terrible sense of waiting
For someone who never arrives.
A glimpse of something personal,
A glimpse of another's lives.

A woman sitting on the stairs.

By a lamp-post see her wait.

She passes by a flight of steps.

She stands within a gate.

This must be what is called empathy;
I really feel as though it were me.

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