Wednesday, June 27, 2012




Are you a Xanthippe? Go on! Admit
You sometimes are.... a little bit.
Don't tell me you are always sweet;
All composed and calm and neat!
Don't tell me you don't ever swear,
Raise your voice or tear your hair.
Don't tell me that a soothing smile
Is, one hundred percent, your style.
When you're frustrated on the phone,
Don't tell me that you never moan,
Snarl a bit and lose your cool.
I'm an angel as a rule;
Everyone says I show restraint
And have the patience of a saint.
Insults? Well, they're never hurled;
I'm almost too good for this world.'
But even I have been known to falter
And prove that even saints can alter.
I've been a Xanthippe once or twice
Although I know it isn't nice.
'A bad-tempered woman'..... it's absurd
To think that's the meaning of the word.
It's quite a gentle-sounding name
For something which only earns us blame.


'Have you heard?'

'What! Where was his wife?'

'Well I never!'

'As they say, that's life.'

'I wasn't surprised'.

'Don't pass it on'.

'I heard it from Elsie.'

'And then he was gone'.

'The same dress exactly!'

'Well, it was absurd!'

'I just couldn't credit it!'

'Don't say a word!'

'The innocent party!'

'It just didn't fit!'

'Well, I never gossip'.


'Well, maybe a bit'



Meoww said...

My God! This is an eXcellent post. Enjoyed Reading it. Good start for the day :)
I hope i dont turn into Xanthippe today....

Roger Owen Green said...

OK, I CAN be ornery...occasionally...
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Chubskulit Rose said...

I am, lol!

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Ah, Xanthippe, the original "fishwife." Glad my husband does not know about her, or I'd have a new nickname for my manic days, hee hee. Xcellent, my dear! Amy

Black Jack's Carol said...

What a great poem and brilliant "X" word. Okay, I admit it. Rarely, but only very rarely, mind you, I have been known to be an Xanthippe.

The Poet said...

I'm laughing because Xanthippe was actually my post for Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday a few weeks back.
Is there a male Xanthippe, because I have been known to be ill-tempered on occasion, especially with the gossip-mongers? LOL
Fun post as always. Thanks for sharing.

Xylophone Of Love