Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tattooty Fruity



As tattoos go, these aren't too bad.
In fact I think I'm very glad
That they aren't on a human body!
(Most tattoos are rather shoddy.)
In fact I think I'd like to find
A message that is sweet and kind
As a sort of lunchtime treat;
Nice to read and nice to eat.


I can't believe that you are eight!
The years have flown away!
Happy Birthday, Harry!
Have a wonderful day!
And this was his shindig in the park yesterday! (We weren't invited! We were s-o-o-o disappointed! :-) )

We had abysmal weather last week.....gale force winds and icy rain. At night the surf was pounding so that we thought it was coming in through the window! And we're two streets away from the beach! Part of our fence blew down and ships had to retreat far out to sea to prevent being dashed on the rocks! However, the bad weather has now blown away and everything is washed clean, even if it's still a bit wind-blown and there's some erosion. We went down to the sea to investigate the high surf. There were few surfers; maybe it was too dangerous, though it didn't look it to me. It just looked perfect. Here are a few shots of a lovely winters day.
 Looking back towards Merewether from Bar Beach
 This has it all...coal ships, seagull, surf and swimmers.
 The brand new look-out.
 Three New Australians enjoying the sun. I bet they felt cold last week!
I love this shot! My hair and the seagull's tail are in perfect harmony!

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