Monday, June 11, 2012

The End

The Wordle

we are asked to use all the words in the wordle

(Very depressing but the wordle is to blame!)

Picture the world after life has fled,
And members of the human race are dead!
Picture the silent mud and stone
With nought of life that we have known.
Shadows will crawl across the sun
And stain the light when life is done.
The corona will brighten and extend
Engulfing everything in the end.
The bluffs will have trembled and decayed;
And all the things that man has made,
The nail, the vessel and the brush,
Will lie unused in the ghastly hush.
The willow and the aspen tree
Will be dead, along with you and me.

(Light Relief!)

'I've had a terrible time!' said Ben,
(He was looking rather queasy!)
'Now I know why adults say
'Life wasn't meant to be easy!'
He looked pathetic, down-in-the-mouth,
And really quite dejected.
When I asked him' What's the matter, old chap?'
His reply was not expected.
'First it was Tonsillitis,
Then Asthma was the next,
By the time I got  Kyphosis
I was really really vexed!
Then what should arrive but Psoriasis!
Then Glaucoma reared its head!
Hypothermia really
Made me wish that I were dead!'
'My poor old chap!' I said then.
'Your life has been so tough
It's easy to see that you're feeling
That you have had enough!
What is your doctor suggesting?
Surely you need bed-rest!'
Said Ben 'And how will a doctor help me
Get through a Spelling Test?'


Daydreamertoo said...

That is a very dark and dreary wordle but, the second one more than made up for it. I smiled at the spelling test. LOL

Traci B said...

The first poem: brilliant use of the wordle in a very depressing poem.

The second: wonderful bit of light relief; the ending made me laugh out loud. :)

Anonymous said...

yes, it is a sad wordle, but very well done

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I find your Wordle poem straightforward, even if somewhat depressing. Clean and well-written!

Six from San Miguel

Six More from San Miguel

Walt Wojtanik said...

You ain't kidding, that's depressing. But a damn good write (and read). Glad I came by.

joanne said...

A rather gloomy theme, but great rhyming, use of words, and there was a light-heated feel underneath

Jules said...

One needs to go where the wordles take them. Mine lead to a companion story piece I wrote for another word list, only reading the wordle it still makes sense. You can find it here:

Your first piece reminded me of the animated movie 'Wallee' at least I think that is how it was spelled. The earth came I do see hope. :)

I did like that second piece - cute that your gent was ill of 'testing'.