Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Human Touch

                          Jean-Francoise de le Motte; 1670

supplied the illustration


Three centuries have passed! Not much
When viewed in the light of the Human Touch.
In this picture we can see
Signs of our shared humanity.
I see drawing-pins and cords
To fasten things to wooden boards.
I have a cork-board; so do you.
Truly, there is nothing new!
Each letter, unpaid bill and note,
Each memo that the artist wrote,
Reveals a life quite like our own,
Barring Facebook and Telephone.
The painting..... I can't get a hint
Of whether it is just a print.
Prints? Are they modern? I don't know.
Did they have them all those years ago?
Note the ribbon decoration;
Was that part of a Christmas celebration?
Then there's the portrait, neatly framed. 
The subject of it isn't named.
Maybe it's the artist; there's a thought.
Or maybe it's just a sketch he bought.
The mask and ornament on display........
We collect such things today!
Then there's the tools of the painter's trade;
Neatly washed and neatly laid.
I feel I know Jean-Francoise well.
His painting has such a tale to tell.


There's one thing everybody needs
And that's a contingency plan.
That goes for every woman
And every single man.
When you wake up in bed in the morning
Consider the possible traps;
You could miss the bus to work, maybe,
Or fall down the stairs, perhaps.
It pays to lie still in bed awhile
And work out a strategy
For coping with life's pitfalls,
A multiple Plan B.
Better plump up your pillows
In order to feel at ease,
For it's certainly exhausting,
Working-out your Plan Bs.
What to tell your boss today
When he sees that you are late;
And if you go drinking after work,
What to tell your mate.
Supposing there's an explosion
In the middle of the town!
You'd better work out the best way
Of keeping your head down!
You could, of course, avoid it all,
By curling up in bed
Or follow the illustration......
Put a bag over your head!


21 Wits said...

Oh you are just too awesome! Great Magpie, and super cool photo switch!!!!

Margaret Gosden said...

I would wonder if I needed a psychotherapist in the final analysis!