Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Puddle

gave us the prompt


Oh how happy I would be
If every puddle revealed a tree!
Puddles reflecting motor cars
Are really yearning for moons and stars.
Puddles, where rooves and walls exist,
May be brooding on what they've missed.
If they're revealing great concrete towers
They could be dreaming of grass and flowers.
A puddle may prefer the calm
Of some remote and muddy farm
To the streets of town where trampling feet
March to the drum of the urban beat.
Far away from the city's muddle,
Here we see one lucky puddle.



Does anyone remember Twiggy,
The girl who started it all?
Those twiggy little arms and legs
Seemed to be a clarion-call
To every other teenager
To look extremely thin.
Certainly her skinny looks
Set fashion in a spin.
She had a hairdresser boyfriend,
And a salon in Mayfair
Asked her to be the model
For the new style of cropped hair.
There was something so androgynous
About her face and form
That pictures of her posing
Took the London press by storm.
She was only sixteen at the time
And she thought that it was mad,
As she didn't like her shape at all!
People said she was a fad,
But this was the 1960s
And her skinny looks took-on;
The era of the big bosom
Was well and truly gone.
She's had a wonderful career
On the cat-walk and the screen,
And she is still as beautiful
As she has ever been!



Helen said...

I did see the moon's reflection in the image ~ magical. I have always enjoyed Twiggy .. she was a judge for a few seasons of America's Next Top Model .. stood out from all the rest of the folks.

Winifred said...

Ah I remember her well! She still looks lovely, has a great personality and has a normal figure now. She's the main model for the M&S telly adverts.