Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out To Lunch



A crowd of us went out to lunch......
To Stockton, on the ferry;
Some white wine was imbibed, of course;
We were relaxed and merry.
The breeze was blowing blustery
But still I ventured out
To take a shot of the seated  group;
The within from without.
But I fear my skills were 'out to lunch';
All I can see is me,
With a view of passing cars
And a little scenery!

(A Poem for Little Children)

Polly Poodle saw a dish
As full of food as she could wish
And the dish said, clearly, for all to see,
The magic letters D.O.G.

Tilly Tortoise said 'Me too!
I want a dish of food like you!'
But Polly said 'Take it from me;
Tortoise doesn't start with D'

Rory Robin said 'Tweet Tweet!'
I want some tasty food to eat!'
But Polly said 'Take it from me;
Robin doesn't start with D'

The food was tasty, nice and hot,
And Polly Poodle ate the lot!

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