Thursday, June 7, 2012


asks us to use the three words in blue


The heady days of summer are over now and done,
Those wild days in the forest, underneath a warming sun,
When sustenance was all around and I could live in style.
Why! If I'd been a human I'd have worn a constant smile!
But now I'm growing drowsy and the air is misty cool;
The water's growing chilly in my favourite wading pool.
My fur has grown more bulky; it's heavy now and thick;
I no longer feel so mighty, so dominant, so slick.
I'm yawning, yes, I'm yawning, and my breath hangs on the air.
I think I'll head for that cosy cave I've seen around somewhere.
The heady days of summer are the days that I would choose,
But, for now, I'll just resign from life and have a good long


"I've always been proud of my eyes;
Everyone has declared them perfections,
Although even I have to say
That they're pointing in different directions.
A potato with eyes has some class;
It's considered quite charming by others;
Vegetables smooth and un-eyed
Are only adored by their mothers.
But, today, I heard something obscene;
Something almost beyond comprehension.
I've not felt the  same ever since;
I've been living with foul apprehension.
They tell me my eyes will be gouged!
They'll be dug out by cook in a hurry.
They'll be thrown in the sink with my peel!
Don't tell me that isn't a worry!
Now I lie in the tray in the shop
And I hope no-one ever takes to me,
And carries me home for his tea.
The thought of it's going to undo me!
My eyes! Once thought soulful and bright!
To be gouged in a manner quite heedless!
Anyone who attacks me this way
Deserves to go hungry and feedless!"


Unknown said...

Since most days here are over 105 degrees fahrenheit this time of year, I appreciated this cool little respite!

Mojo Writin said...

Loved hibernation. Read it with a big old grin on my face and a lovely image of a trundling bear wandering off for his sleep. The words even felt like they went from light and summery to heavy and wintry. Fabulous!

Sheilagh Lee said...

hibernation and a potato both excellently done.I have to say the potato made me laugh Thank you