Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Evolutionary Circle Dance.

asks us to comment on Full Circle


Is evolution a circle dance; and is it near its end?
Looking at our history, that seems to be the trend.
First, the ape, a noble beast, leaping from tree to tree,
Then his human descendent, the ancestor of you and me.
He was living a bestial life, not obeying any rules,
But a bright intelligence bloomed and Man started making tools.
Gradually, he stood upright and began to hunt his food,
Using weapons modern man would consider very crude.
Farming came next; Man stood erect, monarch of all he surveyed;
The Industrial Revolution came; look at the things Man made!
But Man's shoulders started to bow and bend, under the weight of machinery;
He was no longer part of earth, rejoicing in the greenery.
Now look at him! A sorry soul, crouched over a silly screen!
Man is now more like an ape than he has ever been.
Never mind! When computers rule, with their much-superior brains,
The circle will be completed.
Man will be in chains.


I'd love to say something pithy
When the time comes for me to die.
I'm frequently rehearsing
How  I want to say goodbye!
I've  always loved the last word
But will things get back-to-front?
Will I shuffle off this mortal coil
With nothing but a grunt?
I'd like to say something meaningful,
Preferably in rhyme,
But will I be shy and speechless
When it comes to the last time?
I want my words to be recorded
In some book of famous quotes
So I hope somebody's standing there
And ready to take notes.
I'd like my words to be funny,
But there wont be too much scope;
It must be hard to crack a joke
When one's abandoned hope!
But I don't think I could better
(How much pithier could I be?)
Than to wheeze and say 'Is That All There Is?'
Courtesey of Peggy Lee.

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