Saturday, June 9, 2012




This is me, Joseph Anthony Low,
By the family known as Joe,
Photographed in a Spaceman suit.
You must agree I look quite cute.
I was five, in fancy dress,
And I was destined for success.
I'd lie in my bed at night and dream,
Not of goblins or pink ice-cream,
But of taking-off into outer space!
I slept with a smile all over my face!
My future was certain! I'd make the grade!
I'd pass the exams! I'd have it made!
I'd whiz about among the stars
And I'd land on Jupiter and Mars.
I'd be world-famous! I'd be the one
Who actually colonised the Sun!
Now I'm a butcher. Oh well, so what.
Sometimes people lose the plot.

The spotlight shines on Leo and Leo likes to preen,
Liking admiration, liking to be seen.
Taurus is getting sulky; Taurus didn't bargain for
All this showy nonsense, the angst that was in store.
You'll agree it's not too promising, this blend of Yang and Ying!
Taurus wants the comforts a quiet home can bring!
When you met it seemed exciting. Taurus seemed a rock
And Leo fascinated Taurus right around the clock.
In bed you seemed compatible, life seemed just like a play,
But enormous differences reared their heads as soon as it was day.
Taurus likes making money but doesn’t like it spent!
'Thrift' was mentioned to Leo, and that led to discontent!
‘A partner is a possession' …… that’s what Taurus likes to think;
This doesn't sit well with Leo. (It seems they're on the brink!)
What with Leo socialising and Taurus counting cents,
No wonder they feel restless, living a life that's tense!
'Look before you leap!' we say, advice that's very wise.
Taurus and Leo. Woe is me!
You've won the booby prize!

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