Monday, June 11, 2012


gives us the topic


Echoing the sun
Blazing but for a season
A giant flower


I sit serenely in the sun
Hearing the conversations;
The ancient garden reveries
Of previous generations.
I hear them plan the garden beds
And complain about a frost;
I hear them brood about young seedlings,
Unaccountably lost.
And through their eyes I see the lawns
And hear them bemoan the labour
Which caused their's to be green and smooth,
The envy of many a neighbour.
And in my mind's eye flower beds
With endless colour spread
Under the broad and leafy trees
Which canopy overhead.
I see the gardeners bent and bowed
Struggling with the weeds......
Ah well, no more dreaming;
Where's that packet of seeds?

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Scrappy Grams said...

Twelve Sunflowers is my favorite painting by Van Gogh.